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A Science Pathology & Research Leader

LifeBrite Laboratories is an accredited national reference laboratory, where every team member is focused on delivering fast pathology results of the highest possible quality. Quality is the only constant in our organization, where pathology experts combine the latest technologies and methodologies to advance their work and deliver world-class customer service.

At the heart of our company lies a strong desire to improve lives. That is why we always strive for excellence and why we’re incredibly committed to providing the most accurate and reliable research results that exceed industry standards.

We’re a National Reference Laboratory

We realize patient care is directly affected by laboratory results which is why we are committed to providing the most accurate and reliable toxicology results within 24-48 hours from specimen receipt.

A Look into LifeBrite Laboratories

For two years in a row, LifeBrite Laboratories has been voted the best medical laboratory in Atlanta. We have our excellent team of experts with years of experience in advanced scientific pathology to thank for that. Not only are they highly-skilled and experienced, but they’re also extremely dedicated and passionate about everything they do, which is precisely what makes them absolutely remarkable.

Their desire to help people is what makes LifeBrite Laboratories different from the competition. At LifeBrite, our core value is to help people live healthy and happy lives, which is why we value every sample put before us as a life we must care for.

Test Menu

LifeBrite offers more than 100+ drugs and metabolites.

Turn Time

LifeBrite delivers rapid toxicology results within 24..

Welcome to LifeBrite Laboratories

LifeBrite Laboratories is a national reference laboratory, offering a unique medication compliance program to private practicess.

Partnering with LifeBrite

The quality of patient care is directly affected by the quality and turnaround speed of laboratory results. This is why we always provide the fastest and most accurate results in the industry. We deliver toxicology results within 24 and 48 hours, and we guarantee our fast turnaround speed will never compromise quality. You can absolutely count on our results.

LifeBrite Medical Compliance Program

We offer a unique medical compliance program to private practices to ensure that they and their patients are always fully protected. With our state-of-the-art instrumentation and superior customer service, together with our unparalleled team of pathology experts, we can help you provide the best possible treatment and patient care and significantly improve the lives of others.

If you put your trust in us, we promise that we will meet your every need. We will exceed your expectations and provide you, your organization, and your patients with high value, arming you with crucial information for the best patient care in the world.

LifeBrite Features

LifeBrite Features
Pain Management
Addiction Clinics
Workers' Comp
Medication Reconciliation
Primary Care

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